[Gameboy Color] Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day!

Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day!
Full nameArthur's Absolutely Fun Day!
File size197.1KB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Arthur’s Absolutely Fun Day! is an entertainment game by Game Boy Color in 2000. The game is in the Elwood city, which is considered the United States’s entertainment center. Arthur, the main character, takes a walk with many interesting activities. Players will accompany Arthur to explore the city’s locations and collect bonuses. With simple graphics and diverse game modes, the game gives players the feeling of comfort and relaxation when experiencing.


At the beginning, Arthur receives a map of attractions in the Elwood city. He can participate in ten game modes at various locations. Elwood receives a star for completing each mode. After collecting all 16 stars, Arthur is awarded a ticket to explore Wonderworld Park. Arthur and Francine, his friends go to the clearing in the first mode. A basketball match between two friends takes place within the allotted time. Arthur receives stars and bonuses for putting the ball into the goal of Francine 10 times. He appears at the strawberry garden in Wanda’s farm in the next mode. With the Wanda’s guidance, Arthur walks around the garden and collects 10 red berries. His reward is a star when the mission is completed. In addition to basketball, Arthur experiences many other sports modes such as skateboarding, hockey and racing. In each small mode, he is competing with a new friend. Arthur receives many bonuses for completing goals in a short time.

Many interesting challenges

Arthur is taken to Mrs. Thora’s house in the next modes. Here, he will talk to the host to accept the task. The missions are arranged in increasing difficulty. Firstly, Arthur goes to the department store to buy ingredients for baking. The baking process starts with Mrs. Thora as he prepares all the ingredients. He takes on the managing task of the steaming process. This requires Arthur’s focus to create satisfactory cakes from the host. His next challenge is to sort the candies in the box. Complete missions from the house to help Arthur collect more stars. Wonderworld Park is opened when Arthur owns 16 stars. Many interesting activities take place with the reward of a treasure chest. Some games are unlocked when Arthur offers a certain amount. With his skills, Arthur collects many bonuses and explores all modes in the park.

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