[Gameboy Color] Austin Powers – Oh, Behave!

Austin Powers – Oh, Behave!
Full nameAustin Powers - Oh, Behave!
File size2.0MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Austin Powers – Oh, Behave! is an action game which was available by Rockstar Games in 2000. The game was based on an animated film of the same name with the main character, Austin Powers. The publisher modified the events with content suitable for all ages.

Basically, players will control Austin Powers to perform many different game modes including International Man, Mojo Labyrinth, Domination, and multiplayer mode. Austin starts the biggest mode, International Man. He goes through many levels with increasing difficulty to complete the goals. Austin goes to a cave with many obstacles and enemies. Austin will move flexibly to avoid monsters that move on floors and balls. He has to return to the starting point if he collides with them or falls into traps. Austin has a shotgun with an unlimited number of bullets. Bonuses are collected when he destroys the enemy. In particular, when Austin destroys moving bins, he will pick up items that help his bonus increase rapidly. The level will complete when Austin finds the exit at the end of the cave. In the next levels, the speed of obstacles and monsters is increased. In addition to observing the map, Austin has to react quickly to avoid colliding with enemies. The game mode ends when he finds the treasure at the end of the 6th level.

The Mojo Maze appears in the next game mode. Austin gets lost in an area with many bonuses. No enemies appear in this area. His mission is to escape the area within the allotted time. Brightness will gradually decrease which creates great difficulties for Austin. With a view from above, he quickly makes a reasonable move decision to accomplish the goal. Austin goes to the track with new challenges in Domination mode. He moves to the end of a sports car. The terrain contains many dangers that can cause him to fly away from the vehicle. Proper speed regulation and balance are important factors for Austin to conquer this mode. Multiplayer mode allows them to show their skills to teammates. They select one of the available modes and change some options to increase attractiveness.

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