[Gameboy Color] Azure Dreams

Azure Dreams
Full nameAzure Dreams
File size756.1KB
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Azure Dreams is an adventure game by Konami in 1997. The game revolves around the secret discovery in the Monster Tower city of Koh, the famous magician’s son. During a mysterious investigation in Monsbaiya desert, Koh’s father was kidnapped while walking into a tower in the city center. He began searching for clues to his father’s abduction with many dangers.


In Azure Dreams, the players receive the task of controlling Koh through many different stages. Accompanying him is Kewne, a monster who can communicate with humans. They go to the first stage in a city’s land. Koh talks to many people to learn about the mystery in the tower. The bandits appear when Koh and Kewne enter some abandoned houses. He collects treasures and eggs when defeating enemies. He uses the prize money in the treasure to buy a house to prepare for his long journey. After a set time, a small monster is born from the egg Koh collects. It carries a power’s special flow. The monsters help Koh move more safely.

Koh goes around the castle and talks to some characters. To fight the enemy inside the Monster Tower, he has a shield and a long sword. However, the intrusion inside the castle is difficult and dangerous. Enemies in the castle’s small room appear constantly to attack Koh. He has to move flexibly to evade enemy attacks and ensure the small monsters’ safety. When joining the battle, Keene and his teammates will provide healing items and create a protective layer for Koh’s body. He will withstand 5 attacks from the enemy. If Koh is killed in the fight, he will return to the top of the city and lose money. After a long time, he discovers weaknesses and defeats them to get the key to open the castle. When the castle opens, he faces many enemies and bosses at the end of the stage. The battle is intense and dramatic between the enemy and Koh. With his ability, he quickly defeats them in the way to fight the boss in the final battle. Here, the monsters accompanying Koh will turn into a weapon with great power to support him. Koh frees his father when the boss is defeated and they return to the city safely.

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