[Gameboy Color] Baby Felix – Halloween

Baby Felix – Halloween
Full nameBaby Felix - Halloween
File size197.0KB
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Baby Felix and Friends is an interesting cartoon with many lovely characters. Based on this movie, Bit Managers is an amazing entertainment game on the Game Boy Color platform. This game was available in 2001 by Light & Shadow Productions, Baby Felix Halloween. The content will focus on the journey to rescue Felix and Kitty Cat’s friends. On Halloween, Felix and Kitty Cat went to ask for candy and to enjoy this traditional festival. However, they were lost an abandoned house that appeared near their location. At that time, Felix suddenly received a warning about the dangers and explored it to rescue the children. From there, Kitty Cat and Felix went inside the house to look for the kids.

In Baby Felix Halloween, players can choose to control Kitty Cat or Felix. Your task is to pass many different stages. Each will allow you to successfully rescue a child. The game has five stages, and at the end of each will have a tycoon. To rescue friends, players have to defeat bosses and collect keys.

In addition to moving from the left to the right of the screen, the player can also climb and face many enemies (ghosts and pumpkins). To destroy the enemies, Felix will use his hat, while Kitty Cat will use a magic wand. However, they have limited damage and cannot use at the Hard level (three different levels are Easy, Medium, and Hard). Therefore, the game will bring another supporting weapon, a slingshot, and you can use it to kill enemies from afar. The use of a slingshot is relatively simple but it is limited. You can increase by collecting round bullets (black) that are along the way. With adventure elements and facing many dangers, the character has a vitality bar at the bottom of the screen and a certain number of lives. Each time subject to damage from enemies or obstacles, the vitality will be reduced. When it drops to zero, one life is removed. However, players can collect additional lives by picking up 1-Up along the way.

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