[Gameboy Color] Barbie – Magic Genie Adventure

Barbie – Magic Genie Adventure
Full nameBarbie - Magic Genie Adventure
File size221.1KB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

In Barbie: Magic Genie Adventure, players will accompany Barbie in the journey to explore the Arab world. In the game, you will control Barbie and overcome many unique challenges to collect special items. The story begins with the evil god, Kardal, stole the magic lights from Barbie’s friends. All four real lamps were stolen. Therefore, Barbie would use the magic carpet to chase Kardal and regained the magic lights on. Barbie’s mission to collect magic lanterns is done in 5 stages. Each will take her to a different city. In which, four magic lights will be hidden in the first four cities. After collecting all four special items, players can enter the fifth city. Here, Barbie will have the final battle with Kardal to end the game.

Barbie: Magic Genie Adventure is an adventure element, and it has only one single-player mode. With successfully conquering 4 cities to collect the lights. Players will have to participate in many different challenges at each stage. In addition, each will provide different challenges (solving puzzles or familiar travel tasks). Along with many unique missions to perform, the game also prepares a separate level system with three different levels (Easy, Normal, and Hard). With Easy-level missions, players will encounter a few obstacles in the way. The number of NPCs to talk about during the move is also limited. From there, you can quickly search for the magic lights. At the Hard level, players will have to move to different areas to talk to the NPCs to find where the magic lights are hidden. In addition, the number of obstacles and the map’s size will be increased at this level. Therefore, players will take much time and have to move skillfully to complete the task. In the challenge, the game will bring two support tools,  magic carpet, and magic. Players can collect additional magic mats or unlock new spells through completing difficult missions. Each will bring its own features to explore. Owning many spells and new rugs will help players overcome challenges more easily.

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