[Gameboy Color] Battleship

Full nameBattleship
File size53.7KB
Genre Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

In Battleship (1993), players will have to capture the enemy’s position and choose the right strategy to play a battle in the shortest time. This game has a maximum of 8 levels, and each will bring 5 different matches to conquer. The game’s goal is relatively simple, you just have to destroy the entire enemy’s fleet to win. However, the opponent’s battleships will be arranged in different battle formation. From there, you have to carefully observe the battle map and predict the position to get the exact attack. Finding the location will take a little time and requires the player to have good concentration.

How to play

The battle map is in the form of a grid, each square on the map will be equivalent to a fixed position. In a battle, a fleet will engage in combat with six different types of warships. Each has a different size to display on the map. The submarine is the smallest war vehicle that is displayed in a square. Carrier is the largest battleship in a fleet and the first important target to destroy, which is shown with eight squares. Next, Frigate is two squares, Destroyer is three squares, Cruiser has four squares, and Battleship will occupy five squares on the map.

In combat, the fleet’s battleships will be arranged in horizontal or vertical rows at various locations on the map. Each will bring a separate formation, and the number of battleships will increase gradually. Therefore, the game will challenge the player’s ability to think quickly to find the enemy’s position in a short time.

Many unique weapons

Besides, each match will take place in a turn-based format, each attack allows the player to drop a bomb at a position on the map. In support of battles, Battleship (1993) has an attractive weapon system to use in each round. First, the basic weapon is the cannon and can quickly attack the selected location. The next weapons are torpedoes, missiles and Depth Charge (destroy submarines and mines).

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