[Gameboy Color] Daikatana

Full nameDaikatana
File size438.5KB
Genre Action
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

During Japan’s feudal period, there were two major clans, including the Mishima and the Ebihara. They had a big conflict and always in the war. The war had been going on for many years without any victory or defeat. Thus, the head of the Mishima clan went to the famous swordsman Usagi Miyamoto to have him build a powerful sword to end this war. After Daikatana was successfully created, Usagi discovered that the Mishima family was plotting to dominate the world. Since then, Usagi handed the sword to the head of the Ebihara clan, Inshiro Ebihara. At the end of the war, Inshiro Ebihara threw the sword at a volcano to destroy it and prevent the Mishima clan from owning this dangerous weapon.

In 2445 AD, Dr. Toshiro Ebihara visited a descendant of Usagi Miyamoto, Hiro Miyamoto, who was suffering from the plague and was about to die. At this point, Dr. Toshiro told Hiro that he was from the future. Also, a lord of the Mishima clan had captured Daikatana and was dominating the world. This lord has traveled in time and robbed the cure for the plague. From there, he returned to the past to control the world’s population and change history. Besides, Dr. Toshiro’s daughter Mikiko Ebihara was captured by people of the Mishima clan when she was trying to recapture Daikatana. Therefore, the Doctor wanted Hiro to save his daughter and defeat Kage Mishima to correct world history.

When you experience Daikatana, you will have to control Hiro and participate in many combat missions. Besides, players can also participate in many different time travel itineraries. The game has 24 levels for you to fight. Moreover, they are also arranged in 4 different groups, each of which will have a different number of levels and a separate timeline for players to perform the task. Also, these timelines will take you to various regions of history to fight the Mishima clan and regain the Daikatana.

The four milestones that you will be explored are Ancient Greece (1200 BC), Dark Age (560 AD), San Francisco (2030 AD), and Japan (25th century, 2455 AD). With shooting challenge and 1st perspective, Daikatana will provide many unique challenges for players to conquer. You will be able to collect and use many different types of guns during combat. Each mission will provide a different number of enemies for you to destroy along the way. To complete the level, you need to move to the required locations or complete some special puzzles.

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