[Gameboy Color] Dragon Warrior I & II

Dragon Warrior I & II
Full nameDragon Warrior I & II
File size488.4KB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

This is a part of Dragon Quest, formally published as Dragon Warrior in North America until 2005. It is a series of Japanese role-playing video games created by Yuji Horii and his studio Armor Project.


This is about the most basic a story can get. You are the hero, and you have to defeat the dragon to save the world. There are no plot twists or anything. Some people would find this incredibly annoying, but I didn’t mind. I wasn’t expecting anything new or groundbreaking out of this game.


This is a set of 2-D role-playing games with a top-down perspective, and the level of viewing angle is relatively similar standards. The game engines of both are identical. You will wander through towns or dungeons to fight your opponents. When entering battle, the graphics will automatically switch to 3-D mode, where you can see the daring moves of monsters who are your opponents. In this feature, this game seems nothing new compared to the original.

The interface of the matches has been significantly improved. This game has acquired spectacular battery saver features. You can also choose Dragon Quest I to climb the stairs or navigate your people to walk to the destination. Get the designed objects smart enough to figure out how to mount them. Additionally, you have a quick action button that can be used to search for competitors or talk to them if they are in front of you, which is quite handy since you won’t have to exit the menu bar to get there. It can communicate like other games.

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