[Gameboy Color] Dragon Warrior III

Dragon Warrior III
Full nameDragon Warrior III
File size1.8MB
Genre Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

When initially localized to North America, Dragon Warrior III is a role-playing video game developed by Chunsoft and published by Enix.


You are the son of a great hero killed on his journey to destroy the Demon Lord Baramos. You wake up on your sixteenth birthday after a strange dream. Your mother sends you to the King, who tells you to go and kill Baramos. You are sent to a tavern where you recruit three companions of your choice. Then your journey begins. As you can probably tell, the story isn’t a big mystery novel. No big plot. It’s a typical story found in many games.


Like many other RPGs for the GameBoy system, DW3 has easy to learn controls. Some people may get annoyed with the menu that pops up when you press B, though. To talk to people, search the ground, or look/search in a chest or door, you simply press A. A great new function is the Recall function, where you press SELECT after talking to an individual to remember what he said to you. What I believe annoys people the most is the Field Log save function, which you can use by pressing START. Although you can save anywhere except in battle, you lose the log after you return to the game through it. An alternate way of saving is to go to the King/Queen of a castle and save to your journal, which is more effective and useful.

The challenge in this game range from medium to hard. You will spend many hours leveling up your characters and searching for places in a vast world. You will meet new people and learn new things as you go on.

There are nine classes in the game for your characters. One of them, the Hero class, can only be used by the Hero. Another of the courses is only available later on in the game. You may only have four people in your group, including the Hero. The seven other classes can be chosen for the three companions you get at the beginning. There are classes like the Mage class, which can use many powerful spells, or the Warrior class, a class with great strength and attack ability. You can also change your group’s ranks, excluding the Hero, at a certain point in the game. As you change levels, you keep all the spells you have learned in the previous class, which in my opinion, is excellent. You can choose if you want each character to be a male or female, as well as the Hero.

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