[Gameboy Color] Harvest Moon 2 GBC

Harvest Moon 2 GBC
Full nameHarvest Moon 2 GBC
File size429.6KB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Harvest Moon 2 GBC is a farm simulation video game for the Game Boy Color developed and published by Victor Interactive Software.


.You are a girl/boy who instantly is brought into the world. You are asked what pet You want (dog/cat), each with its capabilities. Then you are given three years (not real-time) to produce a working far more problem. You start with an old shed and fields that are covered in rock and clumps of weeds. You get a tiny amount of money, to begin with, and in 3 years, this needs to be a farm with animals everywhere and lovely crops and extra buildings like Greenhouse, Sheep pen, larger house, etc.


You will be required to take care of all your animals-milk, stroke, and graze with your cows, collect your chickens’ eggs, and feed using the fodder collected from your fields, Shave, wash and feed your sheep and water and harvest your crops in and outside the Greenhouse. There is also a town just outside the Farm where you must become friends and help out around the neighborhood. Here you will buy what you need: food/drink, Seeds, building/construction, tools/games, pray, Get healed, and even go to the library. Every month a special occasion will occur where you are asked to go. For example, in Horse racing (you are given a horse after a year), flower show, Moon festival, Harvest festival, and your birthday, you are given a wad of your first-year cash at your first year.

The year is split up into 4 seasons – Spring, Summer, autumn, and winter. Rain is more possible not in summer (this is good because it waters your harvest), snow in winter (also waters harvest) and sun in summer. But, storms occur, which is very annoying as they wreck your crops. These appear on average 3 times a year.

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