[Gameboy Color] Harvest Moon GB

Harvest Moon GB
Full nameHarvest Moon GB
File size519.6KB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Harvest Moon GB is the second game in the Story of Seasons series of video games and was developed and published by Victor Interactive Software.


Your grandfather has passed away, and you just inherited his farmland. That’s pretty cool, you got some land, but it is just a mess! It will take forever to clean it up! Or will it? There are little people in the cave called “Harvest Sprites” they created your helpful tools to get the job done in a much easier way. But after you clean the land, you must get busy planting seeds, buying cows, and buying chickens. Anything to make your grandfather’s spirit happy about what you’ve done.


Some people may think Harvest Moon is boring just because it is about farming. Some people may feel that way because Harvest Moon GBC isn’t for everyone! You need a lot of patience, and sometimes you’ll have to use your head a lot. But if you have patience, the game is entertaining and very addicting. You may need to practice getting used to the new gameplay, though, if you haven’t played a Harvest Moon game before. In this game, you simply just buy veggie seeds, plant them, water them, when they grow; you ship them off so you can get some cash! Veggies aren’t the only thing in this game, though; you can also buy Chickens and Cows. If you raise them well, the Chickens will give you eggs, and the Cows will milk. But it isn’t easy. The animals need to be fed as well! The control in this game is pretty good. All you have to do is run around and use tools and such… but be sure you don’t have your sickle equipped when you go see the Harvest Sprites!

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