[Gameboy Color] Knockout Kings

Knockout Kings
Full nameKnockout Kings
File size444.9KB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Knockout Kings is an engaging and exciting fighting game for Gameboy. It gives everyone an intensive boxing match. In the game, you can control 1 professional boxer and participate in many different matches to compete. Defeating many other opponents will help him win the championship in his professional martial arts career. Besides, the game will bring many famous boxers for you to choose from, such as Muhammad Ali, Oscar De La Hoya, Roberto Durán, Marvin Hagler, Jake LaMotta, Sugar Ray Leonard… Also, the game offers some special characters for players to collect. To unlock new characters, you need to complete many matches and achieve a certain number of achievements that the game requires. Besides, each boxer will have a unique technical index (Weight, Reach, and Height).

In the game, each match includes different rounds. Each round will have a time limit, in which you need to knock your opponent down many times constantly to win. After each knock-down, the game will start to count the time for the fighter to get up and continue playing. The countdown is over and the fighter cannot get up, the fighter will lose the battle. In particular, you can customize the match time in each round from 90 seconds to 3 minutes to experience. With plenty of time, players will need smart fighting strategies to beat their opponents.

Moreover, Knockout Kings has many different game modes to participate in. To explore the game modes, you will have to choose one of the boxers available from the collection. Also, you can create your boxer by customizing the specifications for your boxer in the Create Boxer section. After creating your fighter, you can choose it to participate in the different modes of the game.

With Career mode, players have to compete with many opponents to win the championship. To enter the final and win the championship, you will be competing in many different rounds. In the matches, the difficulty increases, and each round will bring a different opponent. Besides, each match is only allowed to take place with 10 rounds (different from the real-world rule of 12 rounds). Moreover, this mode also prepares some local training challenges so that players are familiar with boxing rules. With the Quick Start mode, you can participate in random matches with the CPU. It allows you to fight simply and test new fighting strategies.

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