[Gameboy Color] Koro Koro Kirby

Koro Koro Kirby
Full nameKoro Koro Kirby
File size376.9KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)


It doesn’t have that much of a storyline. It’s mostly an arcade/pinball type game. What story it did give you was ok, though. That’s the only reason why you could give it 7. Each level’s boss should have told you something before it dies. That would have taken the story’s depth slightly deeper and maybe made the overall game a little better.


The gameplay was superb. One of the best things about it is the controls. You could play all day if you had an A/C adapter. Because of the tilt technology, your thumb doesn’t start to hurt after a while. The game had many bonus stages, and most of them were hard to get to. The levels were challenging and complex, which I like in a game. The boss’s reached harder and harder on every level. The best thing about the bosses is that you had to take a strategic approach to defeat most of them. The tilt controls made them harder to beat also. If you have a good imagination, the tilt technology makes you feel like you in the game. I also like that in a game (to feel like I’m there). It didn’t take that long to beat, so if it’s possible, you should rent it. It only took me 9 hours to beat.


The sound and music in this game were great. It wasn’t very sketchy sounding like most other GBC games. It was mostly smooth, and the sound effects didn’t get annoying that often. I somewhat enjoyed the music. Some of the sound effects get on your nerves, but it didn’t bother me all that much. At least it doesn’t distract you from gameplay.

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