[Gameboy Color] Lufia – The Legend Returns

Lufia – The Legend Returns
Full nameLufia - The Legend Returns
File size1.0MB
Genre Role Playing , Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Lufia: The Legend Returns is a role-playing video game for the Game Boy Color developed by Neverland and published by Taito, Natsume.


This game is the same as the previous games, except for two important things. First of all, you can have nine team members fighting simultaneously, on a three x three grid, the back row suffers the least physical damage, and the front row suffers the most. The second important thing is the color attributes system. Each party member has a specific color associated with them, such as green, red, and blue. These colors represent metrics that apply to the group, such as HP, strength, MP, speed, etc. A character sitting on a three x three grid will attack surrounding locations with their respective powers if receiving one of these colors. This is a pretty nifty and pretty neat system to see this included in the latest version of the series. The makers randomly generated Dungeons, and they all look the same apart from the colors on the walls and floors.


These are some excellent graphics for a Gameboy color. This game makes use of every simultaneous color they can get their hands on. Grass blades come on and off the sidewalk/trail, buildings have tiled roofs, and battle animations are almost as good-the only real energy in battle spells and attacking. The enemies mostly stand there and take the hits without any strength of a squint. It’s about what one would expect from a Gameboy color, and I can respect that very much, considering it’s about time a good RPG came out for it.


Some of the tunes in this game are awesome. Some familiar tracks are suitable places you could use in the previous games, which sends an extra shiver down your back.

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