[Gameboy Color] Mario Golf

Mario Golf
Full nameMario Golf
File size1.0MB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Similar to other tennis games, Mario has been present on several golf games and the most prominent version is Mario goft which was first released on Nintendo 64 and other platforms such as GBA, GBC …


Single Player: This game has a ton to offer you for a single-player experience. The first thing you should about this game is that it has lots of RPG elements. The first is that your character gains experience points that will let you increase some of your abilities (like driving range or how much hook you have on your shots). Also, you also have an actual interaction with other characters in the games. You can travel to any of the five clubhouses and talk to everyone there for hints on your game. Also available at these clubhouses are tests that you can take to improve your game and gain experience. You may also participate in club tournaments for lots of experience. And lastly, you may take on the local club master and unlock that character for your use later. All of this adds up to an incredibly addictive game with all the appeal of an RPG and the fun of a well made Golf game.

Multiplayer: You can think of multiplayer in two ways. First, you can think of it as a Pokemon hybrid. I mean by this that you take your custom character and pit it against your friend’s custom character. Second, you can think of it as a talent contest by taking the same premade name and see who can get a better score with him. Either way, it is incredible fun that is well worth trying out many times.


Very intuitive. After one or two swings, everything will click into place very quickly. After one or two holes of play, you will be able to the ball where you want it to go with some consistency. If you have played golf games in the past, then everything will be fine from the whole one. It will take some time to master fine control over ball direction, but it is a skill worth learning quickly. Nothing too complicated about these controls at all

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