[Gameboy Color] Mega Man Xtreme

Mega Man Xtreme
Full nameMega Man Xtreme
File size482.9KB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Mega Man Xtreme is a video game developed by Capcom for the Game Boy Color handheld console.


While X releases the Mavericks, several characters have been added to the relatively rigid storyline to enrich the game. Specifically, there are two new Mavericks, Gemel, and Zain for messing around and blocking X at specific points in the game. Ngoiaf raises these appearances for no other purpose. Your job is just to kill anyone who gets in the way and keep going. Then you have robot brothers Middy and Techno, one trying to help you while the other is doing the opposite. Even Zero has no purpose for the story. He will very rarely be present in your adventures, and for example, his famous death intensifies the emotions and helps its plot stretch. The program parts are always placed in 4 main stages, and at each stage, there is an all-out attack for Zero. It also has four large buttons, and each button takes its energy from a single word.


The controls of Mega Man Xtreme are adequate but can be awkward. Because there are only four buttons, one is jump, one is fire, one is a pause, and the other is default unused. If you hold down and jump, you dash. (This is just like how you slide in the original Mega Man games.) If you go to options, you can switch to the setting that also uses the Start button as a dash. This is more than a little awkward, so you’re better off tapping the D-pad twice or holding down and pressing jump.


The gameplay of Mega Man Xtreme depends on whether or not you can adjust to playing your great classic on a Game Boy. There are three slots for you to save your game in, and there are no passwords. In the stages, several AutoSave columns act like checkpoints. These are the same as the spawn locations in the originals, but you can load your current continue point if your game is turned off and turned back on. Charging your X-buster through cutscenes, gates, boss entrances, and scripted changes doesn’t work. You lose your charge. This has a significant effect on gameplay since you can’t charge up before a boss battle starts. X tends to take more damage than in the originals in this game, so the difficulty and challenge are slightly more severe than before. However, if you get used to the fact that you’re playing on a Game Boy and not the SNES, the game can be a lot easier than the originals. Plus, after you beat the game once, you can play Hard and Xtreme modes and test your skill there.

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