[Gameboy Color] Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon Trading Card Game
Full namePokemon Trading Card Game
File size596.8KB
Genre Card Game
Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Pokémon Trading Card Game is a strategy game that was available on Game Boy Color. It offers the journey to collect many different types of Pokémon. In the game, you can fight with many dangerous opponents to become the best Pokémon trainer. Besides the personal challenge, this game also allows 2 players to compete. The game was first available on December 18, 1998, in Japan. Others like North America, Europe, or Australia enjoyed the game in 2000.


In Pokémon Trading Card Game is Mark, the main character is a young Pokémon trainer. He wants to become the strongest trainer in the world. Having the same goal as Mark is Ronald, a trainer with good skills and having some dangerous Pokémon. This character will appear at certain stages to test the Pokémon’s power that Mark is using.


Basically, you have control over Mark and participate in various battles to gain experience and new Pokémon cards. Your journey will begin at Mason Laboratory. Here, Dr. Mason will offer three different challenges, including Squirtle & Friends, Charmander & Friends, and Bulbasaur & Friends. The objectives are the same, you have to defeat the Club Master, Grand Master, and Champion. There are 8 Club Masters (basic bosses), 4 Grand Masters (with the power similar to the Elite Four group and these bosses own high-level Pokémon), and Pokémon Champion (the final boss to beat and end the game).

Upgrade your pokemon

In addition, the boss’s power will increase gradually in stages, and players have to constantly upgrade the existing Pokémon to be ready for the final battle. Battle and upgrade missions will take place in many different areas. When you defeat an opponent, you have the opportunity to receive many support gifts to improve the Pokémon collection (Booster Packs, Promotional Card …). In addition, players also receive Dr. Mason’s help. He will send you all 15 different letters and enclose each letter with a Booster package. Pokémon has a level system, and it has to play constantly to level up. Once the required level is reached, players can evolve Pokémon and discover new battle techniques.

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