[Gameboy Color] Robopon – Sun Version

Robopon – Sun Version
Full nameRobopon - Sun Version
File size0.0
Genre Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Robopon Sun, Star and Moon Versions, or in Japan Robot Ponkottsu are handheld role-playing video games for Nintendo’s Game Boy Color.


Cody is the name of the main character in this game on the default setting unless you change it. But Cody is your average teen, who likes to collect Robopon, so he sets out on a journey to become the legend seven. This is where it gets difficult. You have to go around fighting really hard enemies, and other people that are just ”out to get you”. Going through caves, mazes, and taking challenges from other players that wish to fight you is great. Some of the mini-games can be really annoying though because they are hard.

Battle System

This game surprisingly has a great battle system despite the ratings it got when it was first released. Obviously, some people didn’t care enough to look at the bigger picture to the meaning of the game. The role of this game is to fight. Fighting, fighting, and more fighting is what this game is really all about. When you gain a level you get EP and some crystals that can be used toward buying upgrades such as things to catch more Robopon with, greater robot weapons, armor, and oil. Oil is an essential part of the game. Oil is to robots as potions are to Pokemon. Yes a great analogy indeed, and can be substituted for both games. Oil, in general, affects your robots’ health by increasing it. In Robopon gasoline also plays an important role. It serves as energy and health for your robots.

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