[Gameboy Color] Street Fighter Alpha – Warriors’ Dreams

Street Fighter Alpha – Warriors’ Dreams
Full nameStreet Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams
File size0.0
Genre Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors’ Dreams is a 2D 1995 fighting game by Capcom originally released for the arcade for the CP System II hardware.

Game Play

Alpha is your classic Street Fighter game with new characters and new animations, but the same effect no matter what version you’re in. You take on a computer-controlled opponent and start kicking the crap out of him or her and move onto the next stage. While it seems pretty straightforward, you must uncover different combinations and use those to link into the next move, or you’ll be stopped short and made to look stupid for trying to be a badass! This goes on for several stages, so practice is a must even if you’re a Street Fighter expert!


The tried and true system of using directional pad movements and following up with a button press hasn’t changed through the different versions of Street Fighter and remains the same here. The learning curve is nil if you already know how to play any of the characters, even in a limited fashion. Super Moves are easy enough to pull off with some practice, and soon enough, you’ll be busting off heavy-hitting combinations with no problem!

Graphics and Sounds

Clean, crisp, and well detailed, every action and the special move have been created with the visual gamer in mind. Re-drawn characters of old, such as Ken and Ryu, to the newer characters that appear courtesy of Final Fight, gamers will find a better diversity of fighters to choose and play with!

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