[Gameboy Color] Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
Full nameSuper Mario Bros. Deluxe
File size341.4KB
Genre Platform
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe is referred to as Super Mario Bros. DX, was released on the Game Boy Color on May 10, 1999, in North America and Europe and in 2000 in Japan


As one of the first games of the 8-bit era, it is very simple in design, though it is incredibly complex compared to pre-NES games. The gameplay can be described in two words: move right. As a simple side-scrolling platformer, you will start on the left side of the stage, moving across different environments and fighting past numerous enemies. There are several different terrain types, such as fields, treetops, underwater, underground, and inside a castle. The last stage of each world is Bowser’s castle, which you must get through, then get past him to move on to the next world. Besides Bowser, there are quite a few enemies such as flying bullets, jumping fish, turtles, the Hammer Brothers, man-eating plants, and the infamous Goomba.

While fighting is a necessary skill, the game’s primary focus is on getting through environmental hazards. Moving platforms, giant pits, and mazes work with the enemies to make the game very challenging. Your weapons choices are limited – your primary projectile is a bouncing fireball you get from a powerup, and occasionally you can become invincible. However, your standard means of attack is jumping on the heads of enemies.

Types of Levels

Mario is a 2D, side-scrolling platformer, but it has several distinct and varied types of stages.

Standard – This is the level you’ll see most often. A standard level has a brown rock ground and lots of breakable bricks. Typical enemies for this level include Goombas, Paratroopers, Piranha Plants, Hammer Bros., and Bullet Bills.

Underground – Like the standard level, only everything is blue, including the enemies. Underground groups have creepier sounding music, as well. Typical enemies are usually the same as the standard level.

Underwater – Just like it sounds, you’re underwater. In these levels, Mario has to swim around seaweed while avoiding aquatic enemies. Breakable blocks are few and far between; coins are usually found floating in the water. Watch out for holes that will suck you in! Typical enemies include Cheep-Cheeps (fish) and Bloopers (squids).

Bridge – In these levels, you have to run across a long bridge (with numerous pieces missing) to get to the end. Flying Cheep-Cheeps fly from under the bridge to try to hit. Out of all the levels, these were the most frustrating for me. Luckily there weren’t very many of them.

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