[Gameboy Color] Survival Kids

Survival Kids
Full nameSurvival Kids
File size360.5KB
Genre Adventure , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Survival Kids is a Game Boy Color game developed by Konami that was released in 1999.


Konami had a fascinating idea, and the execution couldn’t be better. One of the coolest features in the game is how you can merge items you find on the ground to create tools or weapons that let you progress through the island. There are eight different endings to see in the game. Some easy to find, some difficult as can be. And yes, this game has minigames as well! The challenge is good. Finding all eight different endings is no easy task, and finding out which tools to use at what time can also be reasonably hard.

There’s a lot to survive, and Survival Kids expects you to do all of it or die trying. You can starve to death if you don’t eat, dehydrate if you don’t drink, and you can even die from sleep deprivation. Or maybe you’ll just get lost in caves and die from snake or bat bites. But believe it or not, all of this surviving is fun. Unfortunately, the latter half of Survival Kids is not so fun. Once you have become adept at surviving, the game designers decide that the way you will escape the island is not as conventional as you’d expect.


For a GBC title, the graphics in this game are excellent. Crystal clear. I also must say that the island is massive for a GBC game. A lot of effort would have been put into it. The island is fairly realistic, except for maybe the desert right next to a swamp, but whatever, the map still rocks. No shadows, though, but perhaps that’s expecting too much from a pretty old game.

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