[Gameboy Color] Tetris DX (JU)

Tetris DX (JU)
Full nameTetris DX (JU)
File size102.0KB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

Tetris XD is a puzzle video game that is released for the Game Boy Color and other platforms.


A section of blocks comes down at alternative speed on your screen, ready to hit the floor, on top of another block. You have to position one of the five different shaped blocks by rotating the pieces, much like a jigsaw puzzle. The blocks are A Two by Two square, a T shape block, A ”L” shaped square, a Long rectangle, a lifesaver, and a ”Z” shaped shape. If you slot the figures together to make one row, that row will magically vanish, bring rows down, and giving you points. There is one primary rule. If your blocks reach the top of the screen, it is Game Over for you! If you manage to get four rows to vanish¬†simultaneously,¬†You get a ”Tetris”, which gives you massive points.

The standard gameplay, and what you’re used to, is Marathon mode. Here, you align falling blocks into rows and delete them. Over time, the blocks begin to fall faster, and you will be able to delete multiple rows at once, earning massive point bonuses. You keep doing this until you get a game over, as the objective is to make as many points as possible. Marathon mode is exactly like 1989 original, except now you can “hold” certain pieces and use them later. This is useful because now you can save the more valuable pieces later when they’d be needed to clear more lines. In addition to full color, there are also three tunes you can choose from for background music.

Graphics and Sounds

There are not many features from the old Tetris to the new one. There is a color on the screen, new sound and music, and better graphics. The firework display at the end of a successful game looks brilliant. The new theme is perfect for listening to, adds a lot of concentration to the player, and it doesn’t put you off, like a friend who funs the Changing Rooms theme tune to you.

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