[Gameboy Color] The Black Onyx

The Black Onyx
Full nameBlack Onyx, The
File size271.1KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)

The Black Onyx is one of the first role-playing games which was available in Japan. This game helps players get used to immersive combat challenges. It was first released in 1984 on the PC-8801 platform. A version specifically for Game Boy Color was in 2001.


The Black Onyx was in a medieval setting in a town, Utsuro. However, this town subjected to a mysterious curse. This made it covered with dark clouds, the town never had daylight. This curse began when the townspeople discovered mysterious dungeons that were built under Utsuro. To solve the curse, gamers have to collect an artifact, Black Onyx (supposedly hiding in a dungeon, below the town).


In the game, players will build an expedition team to conquer dungeons and collect Black Onyx. At the Game Boy Color platform, players can create groups with a maximum of four characters (other platforms allow five characters). In addition, this game doesn’t have a design with long-range battles. Instead, players will focus on melee challenges. Therefore, you have to equip many good support items for characters such as shields and armor. The dungeons which are below the town have six different floors. The difficulty will increase (more enemies and traps). Entering this dungeon is relatively simple because there are many entrances around the town. During the exploration, the player will have to conquer each floor in a fixed sequence. Each is hidden many valuable treasures to collect and upgrade characters. Besides fighting missions and collecting items, Utsuro town also provides hospitals and banks to support players. In which, the hospital has to restore health and provide exams to upgrade the specifications. The bank allows you to deposit the money which you accumulate after exploring the dungeon. However, you will not receive any interest, because the game doesn’t have a design with the time system.

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