[Gameboy Color] Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories
Full nameYu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories
File size1.5MB
Genre Card Game
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy Color (Download Emulator)


Besides the fact that some guy talks to you now and then from other people’s bodies, nothing exists-your just some random person who is just trying to beat everyone for some reason. No character development as the characters say three things, one is for when you first duel them, the second is for every time you duel them after that, and the third is when you beat them the first five times. That’s just about it. Nothing much more I can say about this part. Man, this game sure gives us reviews a lot to talk about!


TCG players don’t expect the same. This game has changed some rules, and the cards that have effects in the real TCG have either had their products removed or altered. One of the worse things that have been changed is magic and trap cards. Magic works immediately while traps will stay in play until the end of your opponents next turn in which they are then discarded whether it has been used or not.

These rules have been changed for a reason, though. It creates a new type of game. As slight as it seems, it is a new game. You will see new strategies and such with this game. The only bad part is that this game is accessible in it’s first few stages, and most battles seem to be whoever has the strongest monsters, but not as apparent as its brother Forbidden Memories.

In this game, you duel with cards. You start with some cards and gain more and sometimes better cards after winning a duel. The rules from the TCG have mostly stayed intact. If you know the TCG rules, you will most likely be more than ready for this game. There are stages, and each step has a few duelists. You must defeat 5 times each to move on to the next one. This can be bad sometimes, especially if the duelist is easy. One of the unique things about Yugioh! Games is the import system where you can import your cards from the real-life game using the password printed on the menu. In this game, instead of paying millions of star chips, like in Forbidden Memories, you get it for free, but there is a catch. You have a duelist level and a deck capacity. Each goes up a certain amount after you win a duel. To use a card, your duelist level must be the same amount as the card’s cost, plus you must have enough deck capacity even to hold the card. The cost of the card is how much deck space it takes up.

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