[Gameboy] Akumajou Special – Boku Dracula-kun

Akumajou Special – Boku Dracula-kun
Full nameAkumajou Special - Boku Dracula-kun
File size169.4KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy (Download Emulator)

Akumajō Special: Boku Dracula-Kun was developed by Konami. This game was based on the Castlevania series. It was first available on October 19, 1990, for the NES platform. Then another version was released on Game Boy with a new name, Kid Dracula. The main content is to provide simple travel and combat challenges. The main character is Dracula’s son, and he has the duty to regain his father’s throne. The title Demon King is currently held by Galamoth, and Kid Dracula has to overcome many different challenges to defeat this enemy. Like the many platforms on Game Boy, this game possesses a simple interface system. Players will have to conquer many different stages to end the game.


Basically, the player’s task is to overcome the obstacles on the way and kill the enemies. In addition, some stages will bring boss battles and end the game, you can learn the boss fighting skills to use at the next stage. At the final stage, you will face Galamoth and have many smart moves to defeat him.

In the game, players can throw energy balls to kill the dangers on the road, run, and jump. However, the later stages also allow you to fly in the air (activated by turning into a bat) to overcome the pitfalls. However, this skill has a limited time, and the player has to get agile moves. In addition to using combat skills and skillful movement, the player has also 5 health points. Each will correspond to a heart, and they are displayed in the right corner of the screen. After colliding with an enemy or traps along the way, a health point is deducted, and the player dies when losing all 5 health points. Besides, falling into the gaps also causes you to kill instantly. To restore the character’s health, you will have to collect hearts on the way. The number of hearts that can be collected at a relatively small stage. Therefore, players have to get many smart control operations.

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