[Gameboy] Alleyway (JUE)

Alleyway (JUE)
Full nameAlleyway (JUE)
File size11.4KB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy (Download Emulator)

Alleyway is an entertainment game that was developed by Nintendo in 1989. It is one of the first four in the basic games and is popular worldwide. With the idea of Breakout, Alleyway retains the familiar gameplay and fundamentally changes graphics to attract players. They will have fun experiences and relaxing moments with the system of tasks and challenges.


Unlike the same genre, the game has several levels with map complexity. Players control an iron rod to support the ball in a special box. The ball moves continuously in no gravity. After colliding with the edges and obstacles, the ball will return to the bottom of the box. The goal is to bring the ball to destroy the bricks in the box and no collide with the bottom of the box. They get bonus points for destroying them. The level ends when all bricks disappear on the map. If the player makes the ball touch the bottom of the box, they will lose the round and be penalized.

Many Challenges

The next levels create many difficulties as the bricks are constantly moving. This makes the player be distracting and unable to catch the falling ball. Its movement speed is also faster, resulting in the ball’s speed after each collision. The challenge is getting more and more complicated when obstacles appear to protect the player’s goal. The distance from the obstacle to the iron bar is narrowed to create many dangers at each level. From level 15, the iron bar will be shorter to increase the difficulty. They win the game after completing 25 levels.

The player will unlock difficulty and optional battles after completing 25 levels. New challenges and goals keep players from getting bored. Optional matches allow them to control the ball’s movement speech, the number of targets, and obstacles. For each completed mission, the player receives a score and goes to the box’s next floor. They face pressure from time and obstacles. The bricks move to the bottom of the box with faster speed. Players will discover many attractions at the end of the game.

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