[Gameboy] Amazing Spider-Man 3, The – Invasion Of The Spider-Slayers

Amazing Spider-Man 3, The – Invasion Of The Spider-Slayers
Full nameAmazing Spider-Man 3, The - Invasion Of The Spider-Slayers
File size80.8KB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy (Download Emulator)

On the Game Boy platform, The Amazing Spider-Man series is based on the events in the comic book series of the same name. In 1993, the third version of this series was available, and it was The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Invasion of the Spider-Slayers. The Spider-man fight’s context takes place in many different areas in New York City, and the enemy that you have to defeat is the biological robot (Spider-Slayers).

Protect the city

To protect the city from the invasion, players will have to move to many different areas to participate in combat. The game has five stages, and each will bring many different levels for players to fight. In particular, each level has a limited time. The countdown timer will be displayed in the right corner of the screen. In that time, players have to quickly complete the required tasks to go forward. Besides, Spider-man also has 16 health points (4 points are in a rectangle, and there will be 4 rectangles in the middle of the screen). The enemy’s damage will make players deduct a health point.

Fight and complete challenges

The characters’ fighting skills are still the same as the previous versions. However, the tempo has been upgraded, and there are some complex manipulations. Players will be free to move to the left, right of the screen, crouch, climb vertically of the screen with basic skills as crawling on the wall, or using spider silk. To defeat the enemy, the character uses techniques such as making a kick or firing bullets which are made of spider silk. Besides, in some special stages, you will face more crazy challenges as the screen will blink continuously. This makes the player be difficult to observe and to complete the level. Therefore, you have to have smart moves to avoid the enemy’s attack skills and move to the required location.

Interesting puzzles

Besides fighting content, The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Invasion of the Spider-Slayers also offers some interesting puzzle challenges. For example, the first mission takes place in Central Park, and there are many people who are reading newspapers in this area. At that time, you have to distinguish between civilians and bad people who are pretending to be civilians.

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