[Gameboy] Another Bible

Another Bible
Full nameAnother Bible
File size207.2KB
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy (Download Emulator)

Another Bible is a unique adventure game from Atlus developer in 1995. It revolves around the journey of a hero Cassiel, who appears after an incident from the family. After burying his parents, he began wandering to many lands. The story starts when he goes to Granas, a fantasy world. There was a great war between humanity and the demons. After the war, peaceful life backed for a short time. However, the great magical power of the demons has deciphered the seal from humans. They began to rebuild their empire and form an army. After that, the Demon King led his army back to Granas to take revenge on humans. Seeing the fierce battles happening here, Cassiel joined the army and joined them in chasing the demons and protecting his land.

In the game, players control Cassiel to go to many battle areas to destroy enemies. He is equipped with an armor and a long sword. Besides, Cassiel also had a companion, Pyutia – his girlfriend at Granas. They pass through a forest before going to the invaded town. Cassiel discovered that this place was invaded by enemies and had many traps. He met a villager in the forest and received information from them. By the instructions of the people, Cassiel and Pyutia went straight along the road leading to the town. They defeated enemies and received many valuable items.

After reaching the town, he must fight the demon king’s army. A dramatic battle took place between them and the monsters. Pyutia is captured and sent to prison in the enemy base. Cassiel destroyed the encirclement of enemies and traveled to a safe area. He uses the collected bonuses on the way to buy items in a shop like watches and armor. In which, the watch helps Cassiel locate the thieves in the town. He arrested them and retrieved information from the devil’s base. After many difficulties and dangers, Cassiel reached the cave where the demon king hid. Upon discovering his intrusion, the doors of the cave closed under the control of the demon king. It gets angry when his soldiers were destroyed. The last battle between them occurred. By experience fighting the previous enemies, Cassiel quickly defeats the enemy and saves Pyutia. They return to the center of Granas and receive gifts from the king.

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