[Gameboy] Asteroids

Full nameAsteroids
File size19.3KB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy (Download Emulator)

After releasing on the Arcade Game platform with many good reviews, Asteroids was available on Game Boy. The gamers had the opportunity to create many outstanding achievements. Like the Arcade Game platform, the Game Boy version still offers attractive shooting challenges (allowing players to move and fight in different directions). This game only has a simple goal as passing many different stages to achieve many high scores.

In Asteroids, you will control a spacecraft, and your task is to destroy the meteors which are moving around the spacecraft. Besides, the gamer also has to have many clever controls to avoid colliding with meteorites. Moreover, the game will bring many different sized meteors to challenge the player’s reflexes. There are many stages, and you can only complete one stage after destroying all meteors on the screen. The number of meteors at each stage is also different, the early stages bring a limited, and the player does not have to move complicatedly.

However, the later stages have a large number of meteors. This requires the player to move continuously during the challenge. In general, they will increase gradually in stages, and players have to control smartly to survive. The task is relatively simple but the player can’t be subjective. After destroying a large-sized meteorite, it will break down into many small meteors. Meanwhile, the number of meteorites that have to destroy will increase. The players have to observe carefully to avoid colliding with small-sized meteorites. Note, small meteors will be more difficult to destroy.

Besides many different stages to discover and accumulate high scores, the game also provides a life system to use during the competition. Beginning the challenge, the player will receive two lives to use. Each time you impact with an asteroid, one will be removed. However, players can collect a new life when reaching 10,000 points.

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