[Gameboy] Bubsy 2

Bubsy 2
Full nameBubsy 2
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Region Europe Europe
Console Gameboy (Download Emulator)

Following the first version’s success, Bubsy 2 of Accolade and Retroism will bring a new adventure. The game was available in two markets, Europe and North America in 1994. In particular, this second version brings a new character, Arnold (a twin brother to Bubsy). The content takes place around the discovery of a new park that the two Bubsy brothers build. To avoid visiting the park on an opening day (because many people would come), Bubsy and Arnold decided to break into the park to explore before the opening.

About the gameplay

Similar to the previous section, the game allows you to control Bubsy to conquer the unique challenges. You still conquer on each level. However, it allows you to choose any level and not have to complete it in a certain order. Moreover, the time to complete a level will change (increase by 5 minutes, from 10 minutes to 15 minutes). Increasing the time means that the map’s area will also change. From there, on the way will appear more obstacles for players to overcome. Compared to the first version, players will collect balls instead of wool rolls. They will arrange in many different positions, and you have to collect to raise bonus points. Besides, Bubsy 2 also brings some challenges in the air (Bubsy will use the aircraft to move). In which, Bubsy will move at a fast speed, and you have good reflexes to avoid many obstacles and enemies. Another feature is that you will be deducted one life after impacting three times with enemies or obstacles.

Game modes

In addition to the single-player mode, the manufacturer also prepares a multiplayer mode to explore. In which, one player will control Bubsy, and the other will discover Arnold. Multiplayer mode also offers a more complex challenge. Therefore, players have to be calm to coordinate with each other when overcoming obstacles. An improperly moving will put the other in danger (or lose 1 life). With this mode, two players have to move together and skillfully coordinate to complete the level with high scores and the shortest time.

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