[Gameboy] Donkey Kong Land III

Donkey Kong Land III
Full nameDonkey Kong Land III
File size371.9KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy (Download Emulator)

Donkey Kong Land III is an interesting version of the Donkey Kong Land series. This game was based on Donkey Kong Country 3: Double Trouble by Dixie Kong !. Besides, the game’s story is a continuation of Double Trouble of Dixie Kong !. The content is expected to take place in the North Kremisphere (due to the terrain system and context equivalent to Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble!). In this area, a contest to search for missing objects is held, and the person who finds the first Lost Toilet will receive a great reward. Since then, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong try to complete this exciting challenge. When Diddy Kong leaves, Dixie Kong is alone, and she invites her brother to join in this fascinating mission. With the Wrinkly Kong’s help (appeares in the previous version but the player can’t use), Kiddy Kong and Dixie Kong begin participating in the journey to collect Lost Toilet.

Like the previous versions, Donkey Kong Land III still owns the familiar challenge system. Players can control Dixie Kong or Kiddy Kong at different stages. Each stage has many obstacles and different terrain to overcome. The two playable characters still have their own unique skills, Kiddy can move in the underwater environment and curl up to charge at enemies and defeat them. Or Dixie can pick up wooden crates on the way with her ponytail to throw at enemies. Besides conquering the main stages, the game also offers some bonus stages to improve their own achievements. In addition, some special will bring the match with the boss (still the four familiar tycoons of the Donkey Kong Land series).

Besides the skillful movement to avoid dangers, players also have to collect bananas to receive bonus points or collect more lives to use (after accumulating enough 100 fruits banana). In addition, the game also holds the challenge of collecting different letters to create the word K.O.N.G and help players get a new life. To assist players in the process of conquering, support characters will still appear after you summon such as Squawks the Parrot, Ellie the Elephant, Squitter the Spider …

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