[Gameboy] Donkey Kong Land

Donkey Kong Land
Full nameDonkey Kong Land
File size358.3KB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy (Download Emulator)

Donkey Kong is a famous arcade game. The game is available on many different platforms with interesting challenges to explore. In which, the Donkey Kong series was built with popular challenges, and the known name is Donkey Kong Country (released on SNES). Following the success, Nintendo also released another version of Donkey Kong on the Game Boy, and it was Donkey Kong Land. The game was available in two markets, North America (June 26, 1995) and Europe (August 24, 1995).

About the Donkey Kong Land’s plot, it is a continuation of the events that took place in Donkey Kong Country. After finding the stolen bananas by K. Rool and Kremlings, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong were scolded by Cranky Kong. He thought that the challenges were too simple (by SNES. own a good image quality). From there, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong tried to explain that their success was based on their skillful movements (engaging gameplay). However, Cranky Kong disagreed and offered a new challenge (to be played on Game Boy with some limited features). He would invite K. Rool and the Kremlings to come, give them Donkey Kong’s bananas to hide in all over the island. The brothers had to quickly find the stolen bananas. Finally, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong accepted the new challenge.

Unlike the SNES platform, Game Boy’s challenges are quite limited with simpler movements, and the number of obstacles is also reduced. However, the game retains the familiar features as collecting enough bananas or collecting multiple letters to form a K.O.N.G word. Bonus stages to earn more points and improve achievements still occur (but the number of visits has been reduced). In particular, the animals with their personal techniques still appear when Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong need their help. This game has four worlds to conquer in their own terrain. In addition, the first world has nine levels, and the next three worlds will have seven levels. From there, players will discover a maximum of 30 levels.

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