[Gameboy] Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat
Full nameMortal Kombat I & II
File size311.2KB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy (Download Emulator)

Mortal Kombat is a famous fighting video game. This game series has many different versions to play on multiple platforms (SNES, Arcade, Playstation, Game Boy …). The version developed for Game Boy is rated at average. This version is a stripped down version of Arcade. The character’s movements are quite slow, and the combat skills are also limited. In addition, the game only allows players to control a maximum of 6 characters (other platforms allow to explore up to 7 characters). They are Scorpion, Kang, Kano, Rayden, Sonya and Subzero (Johnny Cage is removed in this version).

With the goal of defeating many other opponents, players will start by choosing one of the six available characters. After that, the player will compete with the remaining five characters and another version of the selected character. You will compete with rivals in many matches, and each has three rounds. Next, the player has to win with two rounds to end the match and engage in a battle with a new enemy.

An attractive feature is that it offers two different types of competition, 1 vs 1 and 1 vs 2. At the 1 vs 1, the matches will take place at a slow pace. Completing the matches, players will discover 1 vs 2 mode. In which, you will have to fight two enemies in a round, the first one is defeated, the second enemy will appear (your bar will not change and recover when confronting the second). In addition, the 1 vs 2 challenge’s pace will be faster, and your opponents will have better reflexes. Therefore, players have to move carefully to avoid the enemies’s attacks. Note, a round takes place for 99 seconds, and you have to quickly defeat the enemy within the allowed time.

Due to limited movement features, the game’s characters can only perform basic movements such as jumping or tumbling in the air, moving up and down. However, the players still have to have quick and precise controls to defeat the enemy.

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