[Gameboy] Pokemon Neo Adventure Revisited

Pokemon Neo Adventure Revisited
Full namePokemon Neo Adventure Revisited
File size0.4
Genre Adventure , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy (Download Emulator)

This is a parody of the original Pokemon Red game by a group of famous hackers at the time. Of course, you won’t be able to claim this game for licensing for its particular reasons. However, the reason for this game is still prevalent among pirated games in the market.


A group of hackers named Project Neo, including Nate, Damoose52, has sought to remake the classic version of Pokemon Red with the heavily revised storyline and gameplay. It promises to bring you more new experiences and adventures. Completely new save. The main plot has been revised. The game also takes place after the events in the game Pokemon Red when Red became the champion and chose to recluse as Elite 4, while his opponent Blue is currently the Gym Leader in Viridian City. Giovanni almost gave up his sinful path and started the ROCKET.CO corporation. He specializes in providing necessary materials for the training and system replacement of PokeMarts. However, rumors of a former leader of Team Rocket standing up after the defeat, now only friends can carry.


This is a new and unorthodox Pokemon game. You can make a few changes with quite remarkable new attack techniques. In particular, the Pokemon tracking map is also wholly refreshed. Therefore, the plot of the game is also expanded in many aspects. However, there are still basic features of the classic map. Some maps have also been permanently deleted.

With this new system, you can choose the sex of the role-playing character, which was introduced in the “Crystal” game. It also featured new in-game items, which were followed by a varied storyline and a variety of surprising elements. Pokemon evolution is also done differently. Pokemon won’t just evolve with traditional means anymore .. Pokemon’s move resolution visuals are even higher, and the behaviors throughout the game are also significantly more detailed than the original version. Besides, some voice acting sounds are also quite appreciated for their sophistication.

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