[Gameboy] Super Mario Land 4

Super Mario Land 4
Full nameSuper Mario Land 4
File size78.0KB
Genre Platform
Region Japan Japan
Console Gameboy (Download Emulator)

Super Mario Land 4: Stairway to Heaven is the 4th version of the Super Mario Land series.


This game offers up to 4 players at the same time. The game’s content is similar to Super Mario’s challenges. From the provided characters, players will have to overcome many different levels to achieve outstanding achievements. In this game, players have the opportunity to explore four different characters. The first two characters are Luigi and Mario. The others are Gunpei Yokoi (designed based on a deceased game designer) and Master Chief (the protagonist of the Halo series – addictive shooting game).

Besides many characters to use, each has different weaknesses and advantages to explore. With Mario, he has the most stable personal specs. He can move fast and jump walls. And Luigi has a high jump ability (better than Mario), but she has normal movement speed. Gunpei Yokoi has an HP bar and normal movement speed similar to Luigi. In addition, this character also performs many different martial arts moves. In the end, Master Chief resembles Gunpei Yokoi. He has also an HP bar (but somewhat higher than Gunpei Yokoi) and uses an SMG to fight enemies. Some of his other weaknesses are slow movement speed and cannot play in water environments.

Many levels

Super Mario Land 4: Stairway to Heaven offers different levels. Each level has a different terrain. Bringing many terrains will challenge the player’s reflexes. Having good reflexes will help players easily overcome the traps and kill many enemies. Do not forget to collect many coins to achieve the best achievements. Besides, the game also offers many support items to use. For example, a Bunny hat allows you to fly in the air. It works to help players reach many different areas or easily overcome many obstacles. Next, the Flamethrower helmet allows Luigi or Mario to create a powerful fire to knock down enemies. This item has a similar function to the Dragon Hat of Wario Land.

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