[Gameboy] Yoshi

Full nameYoshi
File size31.1KB
Region USA USA
Console Gameboy (Download Emulator)

Yoshi is a puzzle game released by Nintendo in 1991. It is divided into different levels. At each level, there will be a large number of monsters falling from the ceiling. Your task is to destroy all monsters by placing two same monsters in a column.

In the game, players will play the role of Yoshi, a green dinosaur that controls Mario to put the blocks on the top of each other and prevent them from touching the ceiling. At the beginning of the game, many blocks of goombas, koopas and some other monsters continuously fall from the ceiling. The game’s space is divided into four columns, each of which is capable of containing eight monsters stacked on top of each other. At the end of each column, there are the plates supported by Mario. Mario can move left or right to support two disks by pressing the buttons on the controller. The rule of the game is simple, in which different monsters will stack up and create higher and higher columns. Gamers have to put the same monsters vertically to remove them from a column. Also, Mario must prevent a block of monsters from reaching the ceiling by swapping columns and continuously matching monsters.

Yoshi stands outside of the screen as a controller to move Mario. Players need quick reflexes to control Mario’s direction to move and swap the columns before they are locked. The creatures split into certain columns, and there won’t be any chain reaction. Every time you destroy a pair of monsters, players will receive several bonus points. The level ends when all monsters have fallen, and the distance between them and the ceiling is safe. At the following levels, monsters will move faster, which requires gamers’ flexible movement and quick thinking ability. When it reaches a certain level, the system will add Yoshi eggshell, a special type of monster that can transform into other monsters. At this level, the game will be more difficult because of the combination of fast monsters and Yoshi’s eggshell. However, they only appear sometimes at a certain level. After the player completes each level, Yoshi will perform a special move to congratulate Mario on completing the mission.

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