[GameCube] 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker

18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker
Full name18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker
File size1.1GB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Instead of conventional sedan driving challenges like many other games, 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker will bring unique challenges to explore. Besides the new challenge, the game also offers the first perspective for players to experience. Compared to the third perspective, it will provide more challenges to enjoy. Players will have to have good visibility and quick reflexes to avoid obstacles in the way.

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker was first available on the Arcade platform in 2000. By 2002, Acclaim Entertainment released this game for the GameCube platform. At this platform, the game has been upgraded about graphics quality, helping collisions on the go to be more vivid. Besides, the context is also honest with buildings and many different means of transport for players to enjoy.

In the game, players will have to control a truck and overcome many obstacles to reach the required location. In addition, each mission will have a limited time to perform. The player has to go through the Check Points to get more time or destroy the cars which mark “the Time Bonus” phrase to get more time. The first mode is Arcade Mode, which requires you to transport goods from one city to another. Along the way, you also face many other drivers. They also control large trucks and create traffic collisions to prevent you from completing the task.

By facing your competitors, you also have to control the movement speed to quickly reach the required position. The next is Parking, which will require the player to go through many different bends to reach a certain position. There, players will have to perform intelligent operations to park the car in the arranged position. The difficulty will increase gradually in stages, and it will be done with a third perspective to help players easily observe. Score Attack is built with exciting races. This goal to complete three laps to achieve high scores. The final is Versus, which allows multiple players to compete with each other in matches.

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