[GameCube] 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Japan

2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Japan
Full name2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Japan
File size1.0GB
Region Europe Europe , USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

After evaluating the simple controls and the fast match of the FIFA series, EA Sport edited and brought a new version with more complex controls. This game is 2002 FIFA World Cup – Korea and Japan. However, it focuses on World Cup matches, ignoring exciting matches in other leagues of previous FIFA editions. Therefore, it received some negative reviews.

2002 FIFA World Cup – Korea and Japan has two main game modes as Tournament World Cup and Friendly. In the Tournament World Cup, players can choose a country to compete. In the competition, you have to overcome many opponents. Besides, you have to win many victories to go forward and compete for the championship. Any match with poor results will cause you to be eliminated from the tournament. With Friendly mode, you can randomly select the available team to compete. In addition, you can also customize the weather, time and stadium.

Besides the well-designed image quality and the lively sound (cheers of the fans or conversations between the players), this game also received a high rating by the character control system. In the game, players will have to perform more controls to perform the ball-playing techniques. That will help you control the ball more than the opponent. However, the slow and inaccurate operation will make the opponent be easy to steal the ball to organize attacks. Another difference compared to previous versions is that it focuses on dribbling skills, short-range passing, and the ability to overcome opponents.

Note, the previous versions allow you to make many long-range passes with high accuracy and cross passes to escape the opponent’s pursuit. In particular, the ball technique also has a strength meter (shown at the bottom of the screen). Therefore, players have to have reasonable calculations to make a pass or kick.

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