[GameCube] 4×4 Evo 2

4×4 Evo 2
Full name4x4 Evo 2
File size0.9GB
Genre Racing , Simulation
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

4×4 Evolution 2 (referred to as 4×4 EVO 2) is a terrain driving game which was developed by Terminal Reality. Besides, this game was also available on many different platforms such as PS 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows. With the GameCube platform, Universal Interactive released on September 9, 2002 in Europe. The new feature compared to its previous is that has a diverse vehicle system and more complex race tracks to enjoy. However, the GameCube platform is assessed to have normal image quality and is less prominent than other platforms. In particular, the frame rate is unstable.

4×4 EVO 2 has many game modes, and the most attractive mode is Career. In this mode, you will compete like a true racer. At the beginning of the experience, the game will provide an amount to use, $100,000. With this money, you will buy any car from the game’s store. Next, you will have to compete in many different races to improve your performance. Besides the race with COM, this game also prepares some extra trials to play. Additional challenges will bring different goals, and they will test your ability to drive. Instead of competing with other competitors, you will participate in transporting goods to many different areas (each area will have a separate terrain).

A unique feature is that it brings separate race stages. The first phase will start with the ability of an amateur driver. To participate in professional matches, players have to have many outstanding achievements. Since then, professional racing teams will recruit players to represent them and compete in major tournaments. There are nine racing teams in professional challenges for players to explore. Besides, the manufacturer also prepares some simple games such as Quick Race, Free Ride, Time Trial and Head to Head. Compared to Career Mode, they provide easy-to-understand goals. For example, Time Trial requires you to complete a match in the shortest time. To do that, you have to avoid the collision on the track and control the speed movement.

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