[GameCube] Aggressive Inline

Aggressive Inline
Full nameAggressive Inline
File size1.1GB
Genre Sports
Region Europe Europe
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Aggressive Inline is a sports game. This game offers street-style skateboarding challenges. In the game, players will discover many beautiful and powerful skateboarding movements. They are not simple, and you have to have smart controls to implement them. In addition, this game was available by Acclaim Entertainment in North America on July 31, 2002, and the others in the world was September 6, 2002.

With artistic skateboarding elements, the game has many challenges, from simple (to acquainted with the skateboarding techniques) to the complex content (to show their personal skills). The main content is to accomplish the required goals at each stage. Each stage will set out different tasks and contexts to complete. In addition, performing exactly that technique will bring a certain number of points. After accumulating many bonus points, you can upgrade your skills.

In Aggressive Inline, players have to have a good concentration and skillful moves to perform many different skateboarding techniques. They will be practiced in separate contexts, and each will bring different obstacles. Therefore, you have intelligent control to perform many aerobatic movements (Air Trick) or slip on the obstacles’ surface (Grinding). Besides overcoming obstacles and unlocking new moving skills, Aggressive Inline also offers some interesting challenges with the limited time. In these challenges, players have to cross the required areas within the allowed time and perform many beautiful techniques.

As we know, players have to gain many bonus points to upgrade skills. That will allow you to do these skills more quickly. From there, you will quickly accumulate more points and easily overcome the obstacles. This game brings not only the exciting and complex techniques in a short time but also many beautiful images to enjoy.

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