[GameCube] Alien Hominid

Alien Hominid
Full nameAlien Hominid
File size1.0GB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

With the mission to fight and destroy all enemies, Alien Hominid has a simple control system and an easy-to-see visual design. However, the game’s visual system is still rated as it provides many fun details to entertain. This game was available by The Behemoth and is based on some game’s interesting content on Newgrounds. Following that, O ~ 3 Entertainment released the game with the GameCube platform in 2004, in North America.

Overall, Alien Hominid’s challenge is quite similar to the Metal Slug series, players will have to move from left to right of the screen to fight the enemy. You will face many enemies at the same time and have many quick control operations to destroy enemies. In particular, just hit by bullets from the enemy, you will be removed from the screen and have to play again.

In the game, the player has to control an alien who is on Earth and escape from the Agents’ pursuit. To do that, you have to destroy all vehicles and enemies that appear on the way. In the early stages, you have a basic weapon that is a blaster gun. In addition, players can also use different melee techniques to eliminate enemies. Along with the mission to fight and survive before the Earth Agents’ attack, players can collect items that increase the power to use during the battle. With these items, you have some new weapons or increased your ammunition. Players use not only weapons and items but also unlocked special battle skills to use.

They include biting on an enemy’s head, moving underground, and pulling them underground, causing enemies to panic for a short time … They will be unlocked and lifted by the main stages. There are sixteen major stages to conquer and create their own outstanding achievements. Besides, the game also prepares many additional challenges to participate. The first is three modes with many players to relax together. They include Pinata Boss, Challenge, and Neutron Ball). Next, PDA Mode provides 200 stages to fight and allows to modify the structure of each stage. Finally, a mini-games system calls the Super Soviet Missile Master.

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