[GameCube] Amazing Island

Amazing Island
Full nameAmazing Island
File size1.0GB
Genre Strategy
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

In Amazing Island, players have the opportunity to become a collector and monsters’ trainer. In this game, you will create and take care of many different monsters to participate in many races or fun events. Besides interesting content, the game also brings many monsters with different shapes and colors to enjoy. The game was available by SEGA and it was developed by Ancient Corp. (in collaboration with Hitmaker).

Basically, with simulation elements and adventure challenges, Amazing Island has private events and mini-games for players to enjoy. Each will bring different rewards for upgrading your monsters. Besides, players also have a mission to eliminate the evil spirits that exist on the island, they are Black Evil. At the beginning of the game, you will participate in many conversations with the NPC. From there, they will give you a monster to use.

Besides, players can also create new monsters. This is done in an area, the Hall of Life and players have to have some certain items to perform. They are Frame (similar to the skeleton of an animal). Each will have a different size and shape. From there, it allows you to create many powerful and beautiful monsters. Along with collecting items to create new monsters, you can take part in challenging puzzles to create monsters. You will have to answer five questions, and a random monster will be generated from your answers.

After owning your monsters, players will have to participate in mini-games to receive many rewards. From them, you can collect items to support your monster. Providing them will help your monster stronger. They can be obtained from Vision Orbs, purchased from the game store, or collected from treasure chests. In particular, based on the shape, size, and support items (accessories fitted to monsters), monsters will have different specifications. There are 7 parameters, including Class, Stamina, Weight, Speed, Element, Power, and Mental.

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