[GameCube] Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing
Full nameAnimal Crossing
File size1.3GB
Genre Simulation
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Animal Crossing is an addictive simulation game on Gamecube. This game allows you to explore an interesting fantasy world where animals have a life similar to humans (work, rest …). The original version is Animal Forest, which was available on Nintendo 64 in Japan on April 14, 2001. Compared to the original version, the new has been upgraded and brings some unique features. Besides, it is also released on a new platform and brings better image quality.

Animal Crossing was first available on the GameCube on December 14, 2001, in Japan. Next, the North American region could enjoy it on September 15, 2002. Australasia was October 17, 2003, and Europe was September 24, 2004. In particular, the GameCube platform also has a system to synchronize the time with real life, allowing players to enjoy the same festivals as in real life.

Similar to the original version, the game will bring social communication tasks and fulfill the NPC’s requirements. Before going to the animal’s village, you will have to answer some of the cat Rover’s mandatory questions to create the character. Arriving at the village, players will build a life here. In order to have a comfortable life. Players will have to work to earn money or items to pay, making friends with the NPCs. In addition to some fixed missions that have to perform continuously to develop, the game also provides some additional challenges. With the side quests, you are free to perform or ignore, depending on your needs. They also provide certain rewards for players.

In the early stages, you will have a home, from Tom Nook (a North American panda). However, this house is not free, and you have to work to pay off the debt, its value is 19,800 Bells. Complete the repayment, you will have to expand the house. This will put you on some new debt. At that time, you have to perform many different tasks or exchange your goods with the villagers to collect Bells (the game’s currency). Note, the number of villagers will change continuously. It depends on the player’s ability to socialize. Good communication will help you make more friends, and the number of villagers will increase (initially there are only three villagers to communicate and a maximum of 15 villagers to make friends).

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