[GameCube] Animaniacs The Great Edgar Hunt

Animaniacs The Great Edgar Hunt
Full nameAnimaniacs The Great Edgar Hunt
File size1.0GB
Genre Action , Platform
Region Europe Europe
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt is a fun adventure game with many attractive images, which is based on the animated film of the same name, Animaniacs. Warthog Games developed and Ignition Entertainment published the game in 2005 for three markets (North America, Australia and Europe).

The game’s content still revolves around the tour of the Warner Bros film production area, including ​​the three main characters (Dot, Yakko, and Wakko). In this version, a film director, CC Deville, stole Edgar’s statues (modeled after an Oscar gold statue) before the awards ceremony. The character’s purpose was to ask Warner Bros’s director, Thaddeus Plotz, to give him a great deal in exchange for returning the statues. However, CC’s assistant worked carelessly and dispersed 44 of the 45 Edgars statues in many Warner Bros’s studio areas. As a result, Dot, Yakko, and Wakko had to collect 44 Edgars statues before the annual awards ceremony hold.

Basically, the game has six separate areas, and players will have to explore them to find statues. They include Ye Olde West, King O’Sullivan’s Mines, The Warner film lot, Spooky Movie, Once Upon a Time, and The Epic. In particular, five of the six areas will bring up unique themes. For example, Spooky Movie is built with Horror elements. Or King O’Sullivan’s Mines will bring Adventure elements. The game will start with controlling Yakko Warner to rescue Dot and Wakko, who is stuck in several studios. In addition, each character has special skills to use. Dot can use Hula outfits to access small sized entrances. Yakko can throw or drop bombs on enemies along the way, destroying some obstacles. Eventually, Wakko can find secret paths or special items (using a shovel to dig the earth).

The Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt’s challenges are designed in two forms, the main task or the extra task. In the main task, players have to move through many different locations to search for statues and collect items to use or improve the score. With extra, you have to complete within a limited time to receive additional points or rewards respectively.

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