[GameCube] Aquaman Battle For Atlantis

Aquaman Battle For Atlantis
Full nameAquaman Battle For Atlantis
File size1.1GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

From DC’s famous Aquaman, Lucky Chicken Studios designed an exciting role-playing fighting game in the Atlantis city. This game is Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis, TDK Mediactive, and Inc. released it on GameCube in the North American market (on July 23, 2003). Although based on the famous superhero character, this game still has many negative reviews. Firstly, image quality is at a normal level and doesn’t produce many realistic images. The frame rate is stable but the camera does not follow the character and automatically switch scenes. That makes players difficult to observe and to feel uncomfortable. Aquaman characters has a beautiful design, while the supporting characters are not careful and bring boring images.

The Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis’s plot takes place with the new revenge plans of Black Manta. He returned after missing time and brought a mighty criminal force to defeat the seven Kingdoms’ hero. In addition to Black Manta, Aquaman also faces a mysterious enemy, and he always wants to occupy the main character’s throne. In particular, this game also brings a new enemy for players to explore as Lava Lord.

With the task of protecting Atlantis and people, players will have to fight with many enemies in each level. Each will bring some different enemies, and you have to move continuously to fight, ensuring that the character’s vitality is not reduced to 0. There are 21 levels to explore. They will bring the fighting battle in the water environment to challenge the skillful moving. In the 21 levels, there are 4 special levels, allowing you to control a submarine to destroy the enemy’s means of war.

In melee combat missions, the left corner of the screen will display energy bars (representing the health and power of Aquaman). As for enemies, they will be shown a red energy bar, representing their health. An enemy will be removed from the screen (falling to the bottom of the sea) after their energy bar is depleted. Complete eliminating enemies in a certain area, you will have to move to new areas. Meanwhile, in the bottom right corner of the screen will display a navigation sign to follow.

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