[GameCube] Army Men RTS

Army Men RTS
Full nameArmy Men RTS
File size1.1GB
Genre Strategy
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Based on the Army Men II’s content, Army Men: RTS will bring familiar and attractive strategic challenges to explore. This game was developed by Pandemic Studios, and it was available by The 3DO Company on GameCube on November 2, 2004 (in North America). In terms of image quality, the game gets much better reviews than its previous. The 3D imaging system still uses but it has been upgraded with many sharp details to bring more vivid images to enjoy. Visual effects during the battle are also more realistic design. The game’s context also brings diverse attractive battlefields for players to conquer.

In Army Men: RTS, you have to control the Blue Army to retake the building that Colonel Blintz occupies. To do that, you will have to overcome many different bases and defensive of Tan Army. You will complete the game after conquering 15 fierce campaigns, 8 special to destroy the enemy’s fast reaction forces and 8 big battles to control the important areas.

With a strategic element, players will have to build a strong base to train soldiers and prepare war vehicles to fight. Building bases and troops will depend on two important resources as Electric and Plastic. In which, Electric will be collected from electronic devices such as radios, batteries, or toasters. Plastic is by destroying plastic objects, and they will drop plastic balls of different sizes (Frisbee, plastic toys …).

From the collected resources, players have to build many different structures to develop their bases. The first phase will focus on gathering resources. The next requires players to build barracks and workshops to create many different battle units. In particular, the following stages will take place at a fast pace, and players have to have many quick controls to complete the challenge. Note, slow reflexes and control will make your baseless development. From there, the enemy can attack you suddenly or the player will take too much time to complete a mission.

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