[GameCube] Army Men Sarge's War

Army Men Sarge's War
Full nameArmy Men Sarge's War
File size0.9GB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

In addition to the versions that bring strategic challenges, Army Men also offers a version with familiar shooting challenges to enjoy. This game is Army Men: Sarge’s War. It was developed by Tactical Development and was available by Global Star Software on August 21, 2004 on the GameCube platform. A new feature is that the weapons has a new visual system. Instead of guns designed with plastic and the same colors as soldiers’ uniforms, the new guns will have realistic and strong colors (due to being made of metal).


Army Men: Sarge’s War began with the event at Greentown, Tan Army attacked the city, and Sarge had to fight Tan’s army to protect the city. At the end of the battle, Sarge received notice that Colonel Grimm, Tan Army and General Plastro would surrender to an agreement to end the war, a peace signing ceremony would take place. However, a Tan Army’s division (led by Lord Malice) stole some soldiers, and the war continued. As a result, Sarge had to collect the patterns which were used to produce soldiers and capture Malice.


In the game, players will have to complete the tasks in order, there are 12 missions to conquer. Besides, each will provide a different context for players to fight. The overall goal is to complete the required challenges and survive intense battles with enemies. At some stages, players can receive support from NPCs. In other stages, players will have to fight alone to go forward. With the shooting challenge, the game will bring a diverse weapon system to use. Some will be limited in number of ammunition, and you have to collect more ammunition to continue using them. However, anothers will not be limited, and players can fight freely.


During the battle, you will control the character with a third perspective and can use objects on the way to hide, avoiding the enemy’s attack. In addition, players has also a vitality bar in the right corner of the screen. To recover vitality (after being hit by an enemy), you have to collect the first aid kit on the way.

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