[GameCube] ATV Quad Power Racing 2

ATV Quad Power Racing 2
Full nameATV Quad Power Racing 2
File size1.1GB
Genre Racing , Simulation
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

In ATV Quad Power Racing 2, players have the opportunity to participate in the challenge as riding an off-road motorcycle. Different from driving cars, this game brings many attractive motions with some aerobatic techniques. In addition, this game is the next ATV: Quad Power Racing’s version. It was released by AKA Acclaim (a subsidiary of Acclaim Entertainment. It was available in 2003 in two regions of North America (February 22) and Europe (February 28).


Besides interesting content, the game also owns a diverse context to enjoy during the competition. There are many tracks with terrain and environment to explore. The game’s scenery receives many good comments, and it brought many beautiful images. However, the characters and their movements do not receive good reviews. They are considered lacking in life because the details are faint and do not create authenticity.

As the name, the main vehicle to use is the All-terrain vehicle (ATV). Along with completing the race with ingenious controls, players can also use some other tricks to remove opponents from the track. You can approach the opponent and kick them off the vehicle. This will be done continuously, and the competitors will also look for good opportunities to push you off the track. Therefore, players have to have a smart strategy and quick reflexes to avoid attacks from opponents.

Game modes

In addition, the complex terrain also requires the player to have good concentration. There are 15 different types of tracks to conquer, and each will bring a different environment (desert, snow, mud …). ATV Quad Power Racing 2 has five parts, including Career, Freestyle, Arcade, Time Trial and Challenge. In which, Career is prepared as a tournament, and you will have to compete continuously in many different rounds to achieve the championship. Freestyle is a smart driving challenge to achieve high scores. In this game, players have to perform much acrobatics in the air to accumulate bonus points. Arcade is the basic mode, allowing you to randomly join a match. Time Trial offers races with limited time, and you have to complete the match with the provided time. The challenge is to compete against professional riders, and you have to have a good driving ability to win this part.

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