[GameCube] Auto Modellista

Auto Modellista
Full nameAuto Modellista
File size1.1GB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Auto Modellista is a street-racing game which was developed by Capcom. This game was first available on the PS 2 platform. Later, a version for the GameCube was released on July 3, 2003 (in Japan area) and September 30, 2003 ( in North America). The first highlight is that it has design with Cel shading style and brings many beautiful movements to enjoy. With the image style, players will have many fun matches and enjoy the real driving.

Besides outstanding graphics, this game also owns a diverse racing system, from many famous manufacturers in the world. Players have the opportunity to control the cars as Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Dodge … Besides having many different cars to collect, players also participate in the upgrading vehicles process. The system of upgrading and customizing the car is also reasonably built. You can replace parts such as the engine, wheels, wind resistance, brake parts … From the custom, your racing car will improve performance and bring to the attractive race. However, these upgrades also have a reasonable plan to help the car get the high performance. An asynchronous upgrade may prevent the vehicle from achieving a high and steady movement speed.

The main game mode is Garage Mode. In this game, you will compete continuously with many separate levels to collect different racing cars. There are seven levels to complete, and each offers a different number of matches to participate. To go forward and conquer more complex races, you have to achieve a high rank at the end of each match. Completing them, players will receive accessories to modify the car, bonuses, and some unique titles to collect.

In addition, you also receive some posters and objects to decorate your garage. Using the right tires during each race is an important operation. The game will provide four types of tires to use, each will suit particular weather. For example, Semi-Slick is a tire that is suitable for hot and dry weather, helps you get high speed. However, it is not suitable for wet weather (rain).

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