[GameCube] Bad Boys Miami Takedown

Bad Boys Miami Takedown
Full nameBad Boys Miami Takedown
File size908.8MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console GameCube (Download Emulator)

Bad Boys: Miami Takedown is a shooting game, this game was based on the movie, Bad Boys II. It was available in 2004 for Europe and North America. Despite depending on a famous movie, the game did not receive good reviews from users. The character control system is relatively simple, and the enemies do not have a stable design. They do not cause much danger to the player and have limited movement (can only move in one fixed area). Besides, the game’s graphics are not too attractive. In particular, the game has some trouble with the camera system that follows the character. For example, fighting in tight areas will make the camera close to the character. That makes player difficult to observe the surroundings to fight.


The game’s content still focuses on two smart policemen, Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett (of the Miami Police Department). They will face the underworld’s dangerous tycoons. Especially, there is a fierce competition between Tulio Mendoza (drug trafficking tycoon) and Akimov (a Russian mafia). The game will take place with five stages, and each will provide different levels to complete. Players will control Mike or Marcus (depending on the arrangement of the game).


In the fight, you will control the character from a third perspective. Also, you will be taken to many different areas to confront criminal gangs. Characters will have a health bar in the left corner of the screen. In addition, when armor is collected for use, a blue status bar will be displayed above the character’s health. Besides using armor to limit enemy damage, players also have to move skillfully and use the game’s terrain to hide.

On many levels, you will have to fight alone and have to compete with many enemies at the same time. Therefore, smart movement is the key to help you survive. However, some levels also have extra characters to support you. With shooting challenges, the game will bring many different weapons to use, and each stage will bring a unique weapon. They include Shotgun, Ak-47, Mini Uzi … Besides using the provided weapons at the beginning of the mission, you can also pick up some weapons on the way to use.

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